Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nightime Visitors and a Potty Problem

Right before we left for our trip to Zurich, Oliver developed a severe case of anxiety presenting as territorial marking and stress peeing. We got the official diagnosis after taking him in for an emergency vet visit thinking that he must have a UTI or even a blocked urethra. Nope, as it turns out he needs a kitty Prozac and an outdoor outlet for marking to protect his turf from neighborhood friends.

When I was on the East Coast taking care of business and seeing family, Mr. P caught one of these "friends" in action.

We had seen a family of raccoons cross our deck before, but this was the first time we caught it on film.

While pretty cute, it makes us concerned about the threat of rabies or bites when letting Oliver out on the deck.

Have any of you had success with raccoon exclusion tactics? Or relaxing your kitties and solving marking problems?

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