Monday, October 27, 2014

Kitchen In Progress + Giveaway

My kitchen is the hub in our home for creating, nourishing and healing. I often feel clever, assembling ingredients into satisfying meals, or at peace as I put the kettle on to whistle while waiting for tea to brew. At times, I've also felt overwhelmed with stacks of dishes, shattered glass littering the floor and maggots crawling out the compost bin. That's why, as much as I can, I try to keep my little kitchen tidy, a blank canvas for whatever mood strikes. After a long season of feeling out of control in most areas of my life, I set the kitchen to order on a sunny day.

I love this cheerful set of prints that my mom gave me for my birthday several years ago. Practically year round, we leave the French doors open for Oliver to come and go as he pleases. Unfortunately for me, this leads to several itchy welts as mosquitoes also feel free to come and go.

My tea station above the range houses a canister set from England when I studied abroad, a tea set made in Portugal gifted to me on graduation, and Harry's recipe for Oatmeal Pie (his favorite healthy breakfast).

These amazing gold jungle magnets were a Joss & Main find and the only magnets Mr. P cares for on the front of the fridge. My guilty pleasure is covering the entire side of the fridge in magnets, cards, birth announcements and save the dates!

This little nook houses my measuring spoons handily beneath the spice cupboard along with a bowl of mostly faux fruit. The hanging planter of succulents was a little treat to myself on an excursion to Flora Grubb with a friend.

This measuring cup set was a wedding gift from a dear friend - Anthropologie I do believe - and I couldn't bear to have them languishing in a cupboard. So I repurposed the family of chicks into succulent planters on my sill overlooking Bernal Hill.

Speaking of the hill, you might remember this view from last year's Instagram 30 day photo essay. I have a new addition to the window, a handblown glass hummingbird gifted to me in remembrance of the bitty baby we lost. I see her every morning when I make the coffee, and in the afternoon, the sun catches through her delicate wings and cast luminescent shadows across the room.

To celebrate the end of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and to acknowledge the miracle of hope that slowly starts to grow in the soils of grief, I'm giving away one of these lovely hummingbirds to a blog friend.

Photo: {Last Week} $100 away from our SIDS Fundraising goal for October! Know someone who needs love this week? Send them this beauty and a personalized message. We'll donate $15 to fund SIDS research.
Brooke, over at Swell Forever, is donating $15 to SIDS research for every hummingbird ordered in the month of October. She's $100 away from her goal. You can win one here by entering in any or all of these ways:
1. Leave a comment here on the blog
4. Share the giveaway on Twitter
5. Share the giveaway on FB
If you choose entry ways 2-5, just leave a comment here that you've done it!


  1. Beautiful. It has come a long way since you first moved in and had moving boxes everywhere! BH

  2. Your kitchen looks so cozy and cheerful. I really love your colorful framed prints. And of course, the beautiful and special hummingbird in the window.

  3. Gorgeous kitchen (and post)! I love the hummingbird as a reminder - a sweet and simple way to honor a significant event in your life. Thinking of you often! xoxo

  4. That's the perfect spot for your hummingbird. I came across Swell Forever after your post and their series was helpful to my heart, even a year and a half after my loss. Wishing you peace, love, and healing for yours.