Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dining Room In Progress

The last time we left the living room, I was still trying to desperately make the rug work. The rug that looks so good all over the design blogosphere was just sticking out like a sore thumb in my room as I added more storage furniture. I finally took my MIL's interior design advice and got rid of a rug all together. I was skeptical of removing the textile from the room, but it's just what we needed!
You'll see a new bar in the corner and buffet against the far wall. The addition of these two pieces allowed us to store our wine collection (small, at about 2 cases worth), bar glasses and some serving pieces.  The table and chairs are still serving us well and we've added some neutral cushions to the IKEA bar stools for both comfort and texture.

I picked up the buffet from a Craigslist ad and was so psyched to find something that matched the bar so well.  It's a few years old from Pottery Barn, but in great shape. Right now it is the home to our bar tools and some décor. I can't wait to use it for a holiday or party as a food serving station!

I dressed the table in a simple runner that I bought for $1 at a staging company sale. That sale had fabulous finds and I only wish I could pick through those finds more often

The bar is also a Craigslist find, originally from Pottery Barn. I got it for half the list price and got a Task Rabbit to help me move it in place. I love that I have a place to display some of the Arthur Court serveware that we received as wedding presents, plus it helped free up space in my kitchen cupboards since I can hang the stemware and bar glasses.

I routinely visit a consignment shop called Leftover on Van Ness, here in the city. I've scored several fun pieces, but this wooden vessel and faux kiwis is by far my favorite! I looked cuckoo on the bus with the long wooden holder, but really, I just fit in with all the other Muni craziness :)

The faux lavender wreath was a Homegoods find and I got that beautiful Swiss cow bell during our recent trip.

The mirror above the buffet was also a Homegoods score and then the botanical art is original artwork I did in college with Chinese ink and brush. After years of toting my drawing portfolio around, I finally framed them and got them on the walls!

Peeping into the hall, you can see our full length mirror from West Elm that we're in love with and a print that we brought back from Fiji.

We're *so close* to calling this room done, but there are a few outstanding items. The first is the lighting situation.  I actually like the craftsman fixture above the table, but it just doesn't work with our new room. I want something lower and longer that feels more appropriate with the table. Second are the hanging pendants that used to be above the previous owner's bar.  The positioning just doesn't work and we want to cap them off. Finally, I'd love to get some matching everyday dinnerware. We're still using the Liberty Blue transferware from North Carolina, which again, I love, but just don't fit anymore. I'm thinking plain white and just waiting to find the right set at a good price.

Next up, a kitchen update!

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