Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pinnacles National Park

After yesterday's heavy post (and thank you so much for your kind comments, personal messages and support!), I know I need a few days off to absorb and reflect what it means to talk about miscarriage publicly. I've been spending a lot of time outside thinking and processing where I am in my life and how I got here. In Celtic tradition, there are places in this world where the distance between earth and heaven is smaller - thin places. There, in the quiet, still and beautiful places we're just a bit closer. While this trip to Pinnacles National Park happened long before I miscarried, the memories as told through the pictures are still calming to me. 
Pinnacles is one of the newer National Parks and I was inspired to go after reading an article in Sunset Magazine about it. It's a day trip from San Francisco, though the area certainly deserves more than just a day if you have the time.

We did a 6 or 7 mile loop through the park with our friends. Mark, the Eagle Scout among us, planned out the route through some caves where we used headlamps to help guide the way. As a newcomer to hiking, this was extreme for me. However, I think everyone else was thoroughly convinced that our next outing should be a full on spelunking trip!

We got really lucky and saw a condor pair. After watching them fly for 15 minutes or so, we saw them seize a bite of prey and tear it's entrails out. The circle of life in living color. Despite this bit of raw nature, seeing them fly with their awesome wingspan was pretty cool. The preservation of these guys are actually at the top  of the list for reasons why Pinnacles became a National Park.

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