Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October is Miscarriage, Stillborn and Infant Loss Awareness Month

I didn't know last year that October is Miscarriage, Stillborn and Infant Loss Awareness Month. This year, I know and part of me wishes I didn't.  The other part of me is so grateful for the tribe of parents I've found on the other side of this grief.

One of those ladies is Brooke Henze, a good friend of mine. Brooke has been there for me sharing her experience, encouraging me through the low times and helping me to have a perspective of thoughtful memory.  As founder of Swell Forever, Brooke has set aside time and energy to promote awareness about October's happenings to that parents across the US know they're not walking alone. Today she began a series of blog posts and I'm featured as one of the contributors - When the Heart Breaks.

Here's a small excerpt:

"I also cringe at the verb, to miscarry. It sounds as though I failed at my one job to carry the pregnancy. In football terms, I fumbled. I had it in my hands one moment. Then the next, dropped it. In reality, I feel like my budding motherhood was stolen from me. It was ripped away by a cheat who wasn't playing fair. But I don't have a life referee that can blow the whistle and set things right. There's no recovering that particular ball. No having that particular baby. It's lost forever. Miscarried into the great unknown, far away from the mother who loves him."

This photo is one of a handful of "bump pics" that we snapped during our trip to Europe this summer.
I plan to write a few more posts reflecting on this experience to include a book review post with 5 or so books that I've read and some of the spiritual journey I've been on.  I also plan to join Brooke and several other contributors on October 15th for a Light the Night virtual memorial.  More info about that coming if you'd like to join in lighting a candle or luminary and share a photo with the rest of the community!


  1. Mimi,
    Dad and I will light a candle and remember our precious grand baby. We look forward to the day when our faith will be sight and we meet Baby R.
    Until that day, we will walk along beside you. We now have a deeper understanding of the fragility of life and heartache. Baby R has taught us much.
    We love you and Jason,

  2. I am hugging you from afar. <3 This is so hard and frustrating and unfair.