Monday, January 20, 2014

Bernalgrams - Reflecting on 2013

Sometime late in the summer, I started a 30 day photography project that I had been ruminating about all year. I was working from home and often found myself marveling at the variations of the same scene from my kitchen window. Bernal Hill loomed in the back ground in the morning when I started the coffee maker. Through the coffee maker steam when I got another cup. Behind a thick veil of summery fog. Doused in the blue twighlight. Bespecked by flurries of clouds. In the dawn, while the street lamps still shone.

I concluded my project after a guestimated and non-consecutive 30 days. Above you can see the slighter variation and below you can see some of my favorites.

I'd like to do another series, perhaps on my commute. Follow me @palindromeathome on Instagram to follow along! #onceadaybernalhill #frommykitcehnwindow

WeVerb 2014 - Capture
I'm loosely participating in WeVerb 2014 as I catch up on several saved posts and reflect on last year! Join in the fun:

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