Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tricks and Treats to You and Yours!

So that was unintentional blog sabbatical. It ended up happening for no particular reason and yet a lot of reasons. I had things to say. I had pictures to share. I had content and intent. It just didn't happen. I actually have a lot of reflections on what's been going on during my blog break and I hope to implement a manageable blog schedule soon.
In the meantime, we had a super fun Halloween. Instead of spending an insane amount of money on costumes at the very last minute and wading through the worst costumes at Spirit of Halloween, I was on my game and we started reviewing costume options back in September.  I loved Jon Snow and Ghost, Mary Poppins and a Chimney Sweep, and Tom Hanks and Wilson.
Mr. P is actually pretty hard to please in the costume department.  He doesn't like wigs, tights, bright colors, going shirtless, off the wall jokes, etc.  In fact, every costume I've seen him in has been a variation of normal street clothes.  So after he vetoed what seemed like 100 of the cutest costume ideas ever, we were left with a collection of very doable, low cost options using mostly clothes we already had on hand.
We happened to be buying kitty litter one day when I saw an adorable sailor costume for Oliver. I figured it loosely fit the theme of a couples costume I had already pinned and thus the Rubinstein Family Halloween Theme was cemented: USA War Propaganda. 

Anyone who has ever tried to dress up a cat, hold a cat, or take a picture of a cat knows that achieving all three while still smiling is darn near impossible. Yet it results in hilarious outtakes that are perfectly scary for Halloween:

  Happy Halloween from Rosie the Riveter, a WWI Flying Ace and Attack of the Sailor Kitty!

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