Thursday, July 11, 2013

Feline Separation Anxiety

Our Grandma's cat routinely acted out vindictively upon her return from a trip. She would describe his behavior as being mad that he had been left behind. I've heard other such tales of acting out to include vocal disapproval, extra aloofness and pottying outside of the box. Thankfully, Ollie hasn't seemed to be too affected by the semi-regular trips we take. In the past, Oliver has been extra lovey upon our return. I figured he was just a cool cat, who was happy we were home. However, yesterday, his lovey actions heightened into a clingy-ness that we haven't seen before.  On a normal day of me working from home, he might spend an hour or two by my side on the couch. Yesterday, he climbed into my lap every time I was sitting.  He followed me through the apartment, rarely letting me out of his sight. When I ran a few errands, he was waiting at the door (not unusual) and pawing it with urgency (unusual).

I've seen dogs suffer from separation anxiety, but have never heard of a cat experiencing the phenomenon. You already know I'm a crazy cat lady, and am probably being neurotic, but I've gotta ask - does your cat suffer from separation anxiety?

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