Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Belated Pinterest Challenge: Bookcase Styling

I'm about 9 weeks late to the Summer Pinterest Challenge.  I saw the challenge, accepted the challenge, participated in the challenge, documented the challenge, then failed at posting the challenge.  Excuses, blah blah blah, procrastination, blah blah.  Anyways, to the before picture - this is what I was working with:

We have A LOT of books, knick knacks, pictures, a jewelry stand, sports paraphernalia, and some storage boxes.  It wasn't working. It looked cluttered and chaotic.  I took to Pinterest for some inspiration, especially searching for Expedit shelving style:

In addition to inspiration, I also brought in the big guns. My MIL is an interior decorator and she lent her expert eye to our mess. We started by taking everything off the shelves. We sorted the books and accessories. Then we started playing. We tried books in several different cubbies. We tried symmetry and asymmetry.  We went shopping in the rest of the apartment, gathering items that we thought might work. The results are a much simpler, open design. But it still wasn't quite right. There wasn't enough contrast. Accessories were lost in the cubbies. We settled on a simple and cheap solution.  I stapled a swath of burlap to the back of the bookcase and voila! That's the kind of cheapo Ikea hack I like!

I was feeling so confident about my new found bookshelf styling skills, I attacked our small built in nook in the hallway and ended up with a fun color grouped scheme.

The fog really limited the natural light in the house the day I took the pictures, but you get the idea. I'd love to change these out a bit more seasonally. You can see a small, pink glass rabbit candy dish and a champagne glass of blue robin eggs in this photo. Those are Easter leftovers that I still haven't change out! After a few more months of scavenging and collecting, I hope to have a 4 season rotation of little items. It's one of those things that just makes me smile when I pass by the hall. :)


  1. love what you did with the shelves! What a difference.

  2. Ahem . . . do I remember you once going nuts because a roommate reorganized your entire bookshelf by color?
    Looks good, though.

  3. This is genius and I can't wait to fix my book shelf of doom!!