Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Retro Redesign - Moroccan Family Room in Lone Mountain

There's such a low inventory at this point that this fixer upper in Lone Mountain is the only residence for sale in the entire neighborhood! At $799,000, it's a steal considering the location and walk score, but it obviously needs some serious TLC.

The front landscaping needs a haircut ... but there's some good bones there with the tile roof and arched front entrance.  Inside, it's a blank slate. The kitchen and baths look like they need to be gutted, but the floors look like they might be salvaged. The fireplace really spoke to me. Maybe it could use some decorative tiling?

With Spanish style exterior and the first spark of inspiration with tiling the fireplace, I decided to go whole hog and inject the entire space with some Moroccan flavor.  When I saw this colorful interpretation that relies heavily on wood tones as well, I thought it hit the mark. Christmas stockings optional of course. :)

These are some of the key pieces to incorporate into the room (outside of a good floor refinishing!). Just add a neutral sofa and you've got yourself an inviting haven while you wait out the kitchen remodel in the rest of the house.

Clockwise from Top L:
Joss & Main - Krista Accent Table
Rakutan - Lumpy Knit Throw
Wayfair - Wood and Metal Cross Set
Rosenberry Rooms - Moroccan Pouf
Joss & Main - Atwater Shag Rug
Overstock - Jali 4 Panel Room Divider

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Belated Pinterest Challenge: Bookcase Styling

I'm about 9 weeks late to the Summer Pinterest Challenge.  I saw the challenge, accepted the challenge, participated in the challenge, documented the challenge, then failed at posting the challenge.  Excuses, blah blah blah, procrastination, blah blah.  Anyways, to the before picture - this is what I was working with:

We have A LOT of books, knick knacks, pictures, a jewelry stand, sports paraphernalia, and some storage boxes.  It wasn't working. It looked cluttered and chaotic.  I took to Pinterest for some inspiration, especially searching for Expedit shelving style:

In addition to inspiration, I also brought in the big guns. My MIL is an interior decorator and she lent her expert eye to our mess. We started by taking everything off the shelves. We sorted the books and accessories. Then we started playing. We tried books in several different cubbies. We tried symmetry and asymmetry.  We went shopping in the rest of the apartment, gathering items that we thought might work. The results are a much simpler, open design. But it still wasn't quite right. There wasn't enough contrast. Accessories were lost in the cubbies. We settled on a simple and cheap solution.  I stapled a swath of burlap to the back of the bookcase and voila! That's the kind of cheapo Ikea hack I like!

I was feeling so confident about my new found bookshelf styling skills, I attacked our small built in nook in the hallway and ended up with a fun color grouped scheme.

The fog really limited the natural light in the house the day I took the pictures, but you get the idea. I'd love to change these out a bit more seasonally. You can see a small, pink glass rabbit candy dish and a champagne glass of blue robin eggs in this photo. Those are Easter leftovers that I still haven't change out! After a few more months of scavenging and collecting, I hope to have a 4 season rotation of little items. It's one of those things that just makes me smile when I pass by the hall. :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Feline Separation Anxiety

Our Grandma's cat routinely acted out vindictively upon her return from a trip. She would describe his behavior as being mad that he had been left behind. I've heard other such tales of acting out to include vocal disapproval, extra aloofness and pottying outside of the box. Thankfully, Ollie hasn't seemed to be too affected by the semi-regular trips we take. In the past, Oliver has been extra lovey upon our return. I figured he was just a cool cat, who was happy we were home. However, yesterday, his lovey actions heightened into a clingy-ness that we haven't seen before.  On a normal day of me working from home, he might spend an hour or two by my side on the couch. Yesterday, he climbed into my lap every time I was sitting.  He followed me through the apartment, rarely letting me out of his sight. When I ran a few errands, he was waiting at the door (not unusual) and pawing it with urgency (unusual).

I've seen dogs suffer from separation anxiety, but have never heard of a cat experiencing the phenomenon. You already know I'm a crazy cat lady, and am probably being neurotic, but I've gotta ask - does your cat suffer from separation anxiety?