Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Retro Redesign - Excelsior Mod Bathroom

Excelsior is a southern neighborhood of San Francisco with good values relative to the city.  Good value is also a kind of code for needing some TLC. I chose a house for the redesign this week because I think the interior doesn't currently reflect the style of the exterior.  The interior is in good shape and maintenance, but not my taste. As you know by now, I'm a fan of keeping the spirit of the house alive in the decor as well.

The exterior is 70s-licious in all its boxy mustard glory. I might add some subtle changes like painting the brick planter and the house numbers white for a little more contrast.

And then we have the interior. Someone obviously loved some old world style. I just don't feel it's reflective of the house's character.  It's a bit cluttery and overworked in my opinion.

If I were to redo it, I would go with a look more in tune with a retro color scheme and modern lines. Something more with this flavor from a home tour featured on Belle Maison:

To achieve this look I think the following pieces would introduce the right color palette while still being fun and minimalistc:

Clockwise from Top L:
Home Depot - Martha Steward 3-light Vanity Fixture
Pool Pony Design - Aquarium Print
Home Decorators - Parsons Wall Mirror
Joss & Main - Benevuto Vase Decor
Joss & Main - Faux Spider Mum Arrangement
Pool Pony Design - Blue Love Birds
Cotton Bath Towels - Two Turkish Towels, Mustard and Turquoise
Joss & Main - Elephant Statue

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