Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our FURminator Review

The price is no joke. Over 50 bucks for a cat brush? It's a bit hard to choke that one down. But when it went on sale at Petco (as it is now) and when I had enough points to redeem a coupon for another $5 off, we decided to test it's claims. 

We've been using the FURminator for several months now and I feel that there is a noticeable difference in Oliver's shedding.  Particularly during the week after a brushing, I believe there is much less shedding. Obviously it's hard to measure because I don't collect all of the little tumble weeds throughout the house and weigh them to compare week to week.  And Mr. P says he doesn't notice a difference. So I only have my subjective opinion that the FURminator cuts down on extra hair.

One thing that isn't subjective is the difference between what the FURminator collects during a brushing and what our previous comb did.  Our previous comb was lucky to collect 10 hairs while about 20 more were spurned into the air.  The FURminator collected this after about 2-3 minutes of brushing:

Now, I'm not getting paid for this review and FURminator doesn't know I exist.  I paid for the brush myself and just think it's a good product.  I think the ROI, especially in a multiple pet household, would be positive for the FURminator and I'm glad we have one. Oliver isn't thrilled by it, but he does find it curious and will eventually lay down so that I can finish his brushing.

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  1. we have a shedding blade as well as a furminator. i think they both work well in slightly different ways (furminator gets more to the undercoat), but my problem is that i don't use either frequently enough to make a big difference!

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! We know you exist, and we're so grateful for people like you who take such good care of your pets!