Tuesday, June 4, 2013

All We Needed was a Stair Car

We ate frozen bananas, rode Segways and I broke out my chicken dance.  It was an Arrested Development  themed weekend, albeit unintentionally!

My friend and I bought our husbands a Segway Off Road tour around Christmas time.  They booked up super fast and we only got around to cashing in on them Memorial Day weekend. We decided to make a mini-weekend trip out of stopping at Alameda, Danville and Livermore along the way.

The East Bay gets this sortof you-move-there-when-you-have-kids-or-retire-suburban-purgatory reputation, but during our little trip, I remembered all the beauty of suburbia.  Wide open spaces, yards, cute towns, easy parking and spectacular views from San Francisco to San Jose.

We started in Alameda and completed about half of this SFGate walking tour. Our favorite stop was Tucker's Ice Cream where I got the butterscotch swirl and Mr. P couldn't resist the chocolate frozen banana. There's always money in the banana stand ice cream shop.

From there, we headed out on what we thought was a three hour tour.  A three hour tour.  Drew, our intrepid Segway tour guide, gave us our money's worth and then some with a 5 hour tour.  Drew is a local character who knows a lot of history about Oakland, has a passion for forestry and can drop more names than you're annoying co-worker.  It was a hilarious introduction to the regional park system of Oakland and Segway off-roading.  We're already contemplating the Marin tour he leads.

On the recommendation of Sunset Magazine, we decided to bed down near Danville to explore the little town and then hike in Las Trampas Wilderness.  We had burgers and fries at Pete's Brass Rail and Car Wash while we swore everyone in there looked like they were 16-years-old.  Seriously, when did the 21-year-old set start looking baby-faced? Oh, that's right, when we push 30.  Huh. Either that or they were serving underage.  Let's go with a crime rather than us getting old.

Hiking the ridge in the Las Trampas Wilderness kicked our butts after we got spoiled on the Segways! For being Memorial Day weekend, both the Oakland regional park and Las Trampas were havens of practical solitude.  We came across very few other hikers and had relatively clear views for the season.

Top photo courtesy of Segway Off Road, bottom photo courtesy of our friend

When we hit up the Livermore Outlets we figured where all the people were.  Shopping tested our agility, endurance and stamina way more than the morning's hike! The Livermore Outlets are kindof swanky and we were kindof stanky in all of our hiking glory. I walked away with out buying one thing.  I tried to get a Frappucino towards the end of the day, but the 20 person line at Starbucks dissuaded me.

By the time we got home, I couldn't have been more ready to put on stretchy pants and watch the new season of Arrested Development. To warm up, we watched the old series finale then jumped straight into two new back to back episodes.  I think we would give the previous seasons 5 stars and this one maybe 4 stars.  Not altogether awful, but not quite as funny as we remember.  C'mon!

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