Thursday, May 23, 2013

Look What the Mama Dragged In

I promise, I was walking around and minding my own business.  Mr. P thinks I go looking for strays to take in, but my defense claim is that I'm Type A and know that I will see the situation to a beneficial resolution.  On my way to our neighborhood cafe, I came across Quinn, an energetic fellow running off leash.  It wasn't completely out of he blue as a big park is nearby and dogs often are off leash chasing frisbees.  I asked around to some morning commuters if they recognized the dog and cyclist said, oh yes, his house is right there.  As it turns out, the garage door was slightly ajar which left this pup to his own Houdini devices.

I called both numbers on his collar ID tag (PSA - keep these updated!) and he was united with his mamas within a few hours.  To keep him safe from the street, I waited with him at our house. Oliver curiously tried to engage Quinn, but to his never ending dismay, this dog didn't want to be friends with him.  I swear, he's the friendliest cat and poor little guy just faces rejection after rejection!

Quinn's mama gave me a cafe gift card as a Thank You and I've been enjoying lattes for my pet responsibility for the past several weeks.  No, thank YOU Quinn!

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