Monday, April 22, 2013

Kevin Pollak and the Punchline

I can devour hours upon hours of media from the comfort of my couch. I binge on Netflix series, my Google reader, and e-reader.  I've lost several hours of my life to You Tube cat clips.

And yet, there's something about live entertainment.  The tangible presence of the artist making the entertainment right before your very eyes. You can't pause it, rewind it, skip ahead. You must be in the moment and experience it as it comes. You become the impressed upon, rather than the remote god impressing the entertainment with your perception of value and time.

That's an awfully philosophical way to say that while I'm a couch potato consuming entirely too much media, I also really enjoy live entertainment.  With the terrible news week (though let's face it, every week is a terrible news week, sometimes it's just more terrible closer to home), I was watching a few clips of Kevin Pollak's impersonations.  We saw him perform live at the Punchline (great, intimate SF comedy venue!) a few nights before the Marathon Bombings.  It reminded me that there are times to laugh and cry.  And by golly will he make it a time to laugh.

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