Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oliver's Visitors

I've often awoken to the sound of Oliver pushing himself behind the wood blinds in our bedroom, speeding to the kitchen which leaves the wood blinds clanging against the window, and then speeding back to repeat the process.  We wondered what his little cat eyes were spying out there and we've since been introduced to a host of visiting friends.

If he is focused like a laser, you can usually count on a visitor right outside the window.

In this case, my mother-in-law's dog ran up the back porch and Ollie does his best Honey Badger impersonation.  He don't care.  He don't give a $#*+.  But that's the dog.

Feline playmates?  Oh hello gorgeous!

How you doin'?

I particularly love the sulking teenager look he's flashing me here: "Mom, Mooooom, I've got a honey here and can't have you cramping my style. Oh crap, not the camera.  Please Mom."

I haven't seen this beauty come back, but I have seen a huge raccoon and two other kitties!  Do your pets have regular friends that drop by for visits?

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