Friday, February 1, 2013

The Macklemore Thrift Store Challenge

I'm super excited to participate in the Macklemore Thrift Store Challenge that Young House Love organized.  Listen to the song as you browse through my thrift store finds!

THRIFT SHOP (PG Radio Edit Clean version) - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS FEAT. WANZ from Garrett Wesley Gibbons on Vimeo.

Step 1: Take $20 in your pocket! (Yeah West Coast!)

Step 2: Photograph Your Spoils

This was not my most successful thrift store run. I only spent $7 of my dollars, but that's sometimes how the thrift store shopping thing goes.  I found the purple glass jar on the far left and the aqua glass on the inside right on this trip.  The other two vessels were actually thrift store finds from earlier and were about another $1.25.

The thing I love most about these guys is the interesting messages on the bottles.  The darker aqua piece says, "My Wife's Salad Dressing" and the purple one is a presidential tribute to George Washington.

I added these to my glass collection on the window sill of our bathroom.  Our kitty toilet brush holder still stands guard!

Step 2b: Photograph what almost went home with you

This step is something I made up, but I wanted to show you some good finds that ultimately didn't come home with me.

- Unframed oil painting (the weird arc scrape on the left kept me from buying)

- This wood leaf bowl just needed a good cleaning and some mineral oil.  I could see using it to display small collections like antique drawer pulls.

- 8 matching glass cut punch cups! Cute for parties and punch, or creative dessert serving dishes.

- A pretty yellow and pink botanical print.  I wish there were a few more for a set!

- I had these in my basket the whole time I was thrifting, then at the last minute decided against them.  There were 4 but some were cracked.  Somebody call me a wambulance!

- I was so excited to find this silver Pottery Barn frame, then I realized that "Betty and Vince" might not fit with my decor.

- Gah! If I had a kiddo this would have been my choice for sure!  The paint was in good shape, the bell worked and the color is vintage awesome!

Step 3: Find an item referenced in the song and snap a pic

I was shocked at how much I found!

Telescope - check!

Broken keyboards - semi check! There were 4 electric organs!

And a bonus item - some vintage vinyl with an apropos title!

Step 4: Show off your big a$$ coat when you meat J-Boom and $her-dog in person!

This is also a totally made up step, but I was pretty psyched to go to the Young House Love book signing at West Elm in Palo Alto.  I waited about an hour and a half, but we were kept entertained with all of the merchandise, mini milkshakes and house/heart cookies.

Meeting Sherry and John was so fun.  They are exactly the type of people you'd expect from their blog.  They're down to earth, funny and incredibly genuine.  Instead of flashing my West Coast W, I flashed the heart in my big a$$ coat.

Later, while walking around downtown after eating a late brunch, I saw Sherry and John on the opposite side of the cross walk.  I really wanted to say something, but was like, "Melinda, play it cool!  They deserve to have lunch too without drivelling fan crazies drooling on them." As we crossed paths, Sherry recognized me and said, "Heeeeyyyy!" in her usual peppy/excited way.  I was super thrilled as I waved back.


  1. Awe, so glad you got to meet them at the book signing! I can't wait to meet them next week when they come to ATL.