Thursday, February 14, 2013

Snug as a Bug

We've established that I'm a crazy cat lady.  If Mr. P would agree to let me get a dog, then I'd be a crazy dog owner too.  If it were completely up to me, we might just bring up this average single handedly with a small farm of rescue animals.  Whether we have 20 or just 1, we're doing our part to contribute to the trend. And if you ask Oliver, he would say he's just fine being the only "baby" in the house.  

This snuggle bug developed the cute habit of finding his way under the covers.  

It can be a throw blanket on the couch.  Or under the sheets on our bed.  Or whatever pile of sewing fabric I happen to have laying about.

He's pretty sure the whole show is about him and his toastiness levels.  And as someone who is perpetually cold, I cannot complain about my personal space heater. :)

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