Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Long Weekend in Tahoe

It might have taken a few extra hours in traffic, but the drive up to Tahoe was so worth the scenery and skiing.   It was my first MLK Jr. day off since my very first job out of college.  While not exactly historically apropos, the trip was a celebration of the American landscape and beauty in the world. This blue sky and blue lake is unfiltered!

After a full day of skiing, this old gal was feeling the burn. I haven't skied since we got engaged (4 years ago - crazy!) and while it took a run or two to find my ski legs, I definitely tired a lot quicker this go around.  The views were spectacular and the weather was perfect.  A few weeks prior, Tahoe got a couple of feet of snow.  The base at Squaw Valley was solid and all of the runs were nicely groomed.  Perfect for the first time back in the saddle.

To stretch out my sore legs and keep on moving, we strolled around the lake near Tahoe City, taking in a bit of a history lesson on the settlement and damn.

I didn't take my big camera, but thought i could catch a few glimpses of the beauty with my cell phone.  I'm more than impressed with the quality from my new Razr.

Though we stayed at a townhouse rental outside of Tahoe City, we made it around the lake to Incline Village, Stateline, and South Lake Tahoe to test our luck at the casinos.  I was super nervous to sit down at a black jack table, but after my initial fears were calmed by the best table mates ever, I more than doubled my money!  Of course, I kept on playing and didn't quite walk away with that much, I did make money and won a bottle of wine for hitting a same suit black jack :)

What are some of your Tahoe favorites? Places to stay, places to eat and places to ski - all recommendations welcome!  We're already planning a return trip to take in as much winter fun as possible.


  1. I love Tahoe, but I'm not a winter-lover, though your photos have convinced me it's beautiful with some snow. The hiking around Squaw and Northstar are awesome in the summer and fall. And the fall leaves are spectacular!

  2. Beautiful photos, and sounds like a wonderful weekend! I am impressed wiht the photo quality from your cell phone.

    I'm still sad that we never made it to Tahoe when we lived in California. Come to think of it, I'm sad I've never been skiing either!

  3. That looks beautiful. I'm sad that I never got the chance to get up there.