Monday, February 4, 2013

Avocado Toast

I've been neglecting my apron recently.  Let's blame it on the amazing access to over 300+ delivery  places available to us at the click of a mouse.

The other week, I had a bit of avocado leftover from a gorgeous citrus salad.  It was the morning after the salad and I need to use that avocado up before, well you know how leftover avocado gets.  So I had some on toast.  It's like the California version of beans on toast - a little savory topper when the harvest is plentiful.  If you want a heartier version, try this one that popped up on my radar. Talk about standing up to some chili.  But this version is unsophisticated, no more work than a bowl of cereal, and feels very Californian.

1/2 Avocado mashed
1 half hearted sqeeze from half a lemon
Sprinkling of salt
Grind of pepper
2 slices of wild SF Sourdough (or whatever nice bread your local grocer carries)

I might have squeezed my lemon a little too enthusiastically, because this really needs just a few drops to brighten the flavor.

And when the morning fog has settled over and you think you can get a few pictures on your phone if you turn on all the lights, don't fool yourself.  You can't.  And you must watch out for the little grubber who thinks he might like avocado for breakfast too.

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