Monday, January 7, 2013

The Aftermath

Yesterday, the day of Epiphany, I packed and hid away the traces of Christmas left in our home.

I had been on the East Coast for 17 days - work, family, holidays, friends.  I finished WEverb12 through a New Year's Eve Twitter marathon, catching up on the last half dozen prompts. I rang in 2013 with my favorite guy (Mr. P) and one of our besties in one of my favorite cities, overlooking the skyline. I escaped Maryland, New Jersey and New York without the flu, but I still drank a few fizzy gulps of airborne to ward off the cough Gina caught.

The first day back in SF involved Chinese delivery and exchanging anniversary cards.  Ollie received a new hair do for the New Year thanks to the Furminator.  He's not nearly as excited about it as Mr. P is.

And so we return to our normal lives - the Farmer's Market, church, lunch with friends at a Taqueria, a kitten shaped foot warmer under the sheets. Ah, home.

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