Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year Goals

My New Year's Eve view - a reminder of progress and growth. 

1. Floss - Of all the Type A things I do, I can't believe this isn't one of them.  I do eat M&Ms in color order, so maybe I'm compensating with an inverse of flossing by eating candy in an OCD manner, but dad-gum-it, I hate when my gums bleed during routine cleanings.

2. Activity - Now that I work from home, I want to incorporate regular activity, both athletic and outdoors, into my routine.  I'm still figuring out how or what I want to do so that I have something concrete to work towards.  I have one idea to climb the Bernal Hill every weekend I'm in town.  

3. Non-violence - I want to continue to incorporate non-violent communication into my life.  I feel that I've made some progress, but I'd like that progress and growth to be dramatic enough for the people closest to me to see.  

4. Travel - I'd love to hit a new continent  this year, but will settle for a new city, a new national park and a new wine region.  

5. Learn - I want to add one new skill to my life tool box this year.  In 2012, I focused for several months on learning Arabic.  I'd love to do something like that for myself again this year.  Upholstery? Photography/photoshop? I'm leaning towards something artistic or a skilled handcraft. 

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