Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Smarter Than the Average Bear

What'd he break this time?

I imagine that a lot of mamas (fur baby or human baby) wonder this immediately after hearing crashes in the nether parts of their homes.  Most often, I'm occupied in the bathroom.  It's like a law of nature.

For this crashing glass sound, I was in the shower.  What the heck?! (except I said a little cuss).

Somebody found himself an afternoon snack. He just saddled up to the noontime buffet, courtesy of his ingenuity and determination.

After further investigation, I saw that the glass food jar upturn was actually a happy accident.  He was trying to feed right out of the bag that we store behind the glass jar.  That little stinker had eaten a hole in the side of the bag and was snacking at his leisure for the better part of the last two weeks.

I took pictures as evidence for Mr. P before relocating the bagged food to a higher shelf and sweeping up the rest.  I also recounted some lessons I've been slow to learn.  1. Where there's a will, there's a way.  And Oliver will find the way.  2. Don't underestimate him.

What's your pet gotten into this week?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dining Table Sneak Peek

Hello gorgeous.  As a brunette, I'm partial to darker hues, but this blonde beauty proves that they really do have a lot of fun.  We commissioned these beautiful, reclaimed planks into a custom designed dining room table.  We're loving the result!

The knots, the grain, even the splits from age and wear - I find new character each time I look at it.

This is just a little sneak peek at the table.  I have a lot more to share about the vision for the room, the commissioning process, etc.  We still need quite a few pieces to finish off this room (stools, rug, hutch, accessories), but the the table is the cornerstone upon which we'll build the rest.  Until then, we'll just be enjoying our seared banana kodiak cakes and coffee.

Monday, January 28, 2013

California Coastal Trip

Living the California dream doesn't get any better than a drive down the coast. In a last minute getaway over Thanksgiving weekend.  We couldn't have asked for better weather as we took our time winding our way down to Cambria.

We made plenty of sight seeing stops along the way and even snagged a photo of us together when some other camera savvy tourists helped us out.

Someday I'll write the story of how we ended up owning a convertible, but for now, let's just say it can be a lot of fun.

Mr. P experimented with white balance and our UV filter - I think this shot was the best of the bunch - gorgeous sea, gorgeous sky.

Before we headed out of town, we stopped by Hearst Castle.  I only have The Breakers to compare it to mansion wise and I think Hearst outdid the Vanderbilts.  Maybe it was the zoo that tipped the scales.

My favorite was the indoor pool - the tilework, colors and style made me want to become a member so that I could swim in it someday!

This trip added another 6 hours of road that we've now conquered on the Pacific Coast Highway bringing our total to around 11 hours.  The major length we haven't tackled yet is north of San Francisco up to the Oregon Coast.  Have you driven the entire length of the Pacific Coast Highway? What were your favorite stops along the way?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Finds - Thrift Store Challenge

Sherry and John are running a super fun challenge over on their site that I plan on participating in, but in the meantime, I thought it'd be fun to collect a few items to get myself pumped! Since Young House Love will be here in the Bay Area this Sunday, I'm taking a little East v. West take on the challenge.


Clockwise from Top L:
The Mongoose Store - Vintage Samsonite Luggage
Passion Flower Vintage - Telescope/Spyglass
Rumors - Vintage Fur Coat
True Skool Vintage - Track King Retro Sneakers

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oliver's Review of Videos for Your Cats

I'm the cat mama who writes reviews for youtube videos her cat watches.  Unfollow me now if you must.

For blog friends (and cat lovers) still with us, I thought I'd give you a little peek as to how Ollie reacted to the fish tank video.

Ha, I just realized that I sound as if I'm trying to teach a child colors.  "Point out the orange fishie!" "That one looks like you!" I need to join a cat lady therapy group.  Obvs.

After about 3 minutes and being more interested in me videotaping him, Ollie assumed this position.  And done.  He had absolutely no interest in the bird or squirrel videos.

Have you played videos for your cats? Did they seem interested?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hair Donation #4

I hold the secret once I know that I'm ready. I like the drama of the surprise. "You cut off all your hair!" It's part of the fun.  I think Mr. P has become accustomed to my trick. "Oh, you cut your hair again."

Right before the holidays, I got the feeling.  I saw limp, long hair. Not doing me any good. 

But it could definitely be used for good.

So off I went to meet a hair stylist needing to practice her graduated bobs in training. It was a free haircut, and the hair was donated to someone who needs it more than me. That's what I call a win-win-win.

I love how it turned out and I've been getting lots of compliments about it suiting my personality.

For fun, here are some of my hair stats since I started donating.

My hair by the numbers:

10 - years since my first hair donation
50 - approximate number of collective inches donated
160 - approximate dollars spent on the hair chops (not counting trims in between)
0 - the number of times I've colored my hair
30 - bottles of shampoo over the 10 year period averaging 1 bottle every 4 months
1,372,195 - seeming number of hairs I have shed over the last decade
2 - number of grey hairs I plucked when I first got them
6 - current number of grey hairs gracing my head (I no longer pluck them)
1.25 - approximate collective weight in pounds I've lost after the chops
4 - number of times my hair has been donated

And here's a little retrospective collage of the past decade of chops!

Anybody else a perpetual hair donor?

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year Goals

My New Year's Eve view - a reminder of progress and growth. 

1. Floss - Of all the Type A things I do, I can't believe this isn't one of them.  I do eat M&Ms in color order, so maybe I'm compensating with an inverse of flossing by eating candy in an OCD manner, but dad-gum-it, I hate when my gums bleed during routine cleanings.

2. Activity - Now that I work from home, I want to incorporate regular activity, both athletic and outdoors, into my routine.  I'm still figuring out how or what I want to do so that I have something concrete to work towards.  I have one idea to climb the Bernal Hill every weekend I'm in town.  

3. Non-violence - I want to continue to incorporate non-violent communication into my life.  I feel that I've made some progress, but I'd like that progress and growth to be dramatic enough for the people closest to me to see.  

4. Travel - I'd love to hit a new continent  this year, but will settle for a new city, a new national park and a new wine region.  

5. Learn - I want to add one new skill to my life tool box this year.  In 2012, I focused for several months on learning Arabic.  I'd love to do something like that for myself again this year.  Upholstery? Photography/photoshop? I'm leaning towards something artistic or a skilled handcraft. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Aftermath

Yesterday, the day of Epiphany, I packed and hid away the traces of Christmas left in our home.

I had been on the East Coast for 17 days - work, family, holidays, friends.  I finished WEverb12 through a New Year's Eve Twitter marathon, catching up on the last half dozen prompts. I rang in 2013 with my favorite guy (Mr. P) and one of our besties in one of my favorite cities, overlooking the skyline. I escaped Maryland, New Jersey and New York without the flu, but I still drank a few fizzy gulps of airborne to ward off the cough Gina caught.

The first day back in SF involved Chinese delivery and exchanging anniversary cards.  Ollie received a new hair do for the New Year thanks to the Furminator.  He's not nearly as excited about it as Mr. P is.

And so we return to our normal lives - the Farmer's Market, church, lunch with friends at a Taqueria, a kitten shaped foot warmer under the sheets. Ah, home.