Sunday, December 2, 2012

WEverb - Watch

Netflix has been a constant friend to me through Mr. P's deployment and sea tour and throughout our several moves when I don't quite know anyone well enough to call them to meet for a coffee. I looked through my past year of instant streaming history and realized that I watch A LOT - on the order of at least 10 different TV shows in their entirety (ranging from 1 season of Freaks and Geeks to 7 seasons of MI: 5).  Huh.  I also realized that I have an MO on feature length films - documentaries.  They range from the bizarre to the serious and I decided to make a list of my favorites.  The best part? You can watch them on Netflix streaming. :)

1. Being Elmo - I saw this about a month before Kevin Clash resigned.  I still recommend it, if for no other reason to see the complicated side of human nature.  When a Make-A-Wish foundation child met Elmo, I cried. You'll probably get the impression that I cry a ton because I make a lot of warning in this list, and I would have argued against that.  But I don't have a good argument.  I've become a big blubbering fool that seeks out tear-jerkers.

2. The Cove - Documentary about Japanese whaling with themes on cultural sensitivities, treatment of animals, and rising mercury levels. Warning: It's super graphic and I cried.
The Cove

3. Dear Zachary - A documentary that starts out as a tribute to a murdered friend and takes on several new layers of meaning as the film was made. It's pretty much devastating and yet there is something about the enduring human spirit in the face of that devastation that is inspiring.

4. Downfall - This is a non-documentary, but it's a historical drama of the downfall of Hitler.  Warning: It's super sad and I cried. (Not because Hitler got what was coming to him but because of some of the side stories.)

5. Skin - A dramatized version of a true story about a dark skinned girl born to white parents during apartheid in South Africa. It's truly moving and made me think a lot about race issues, motherhood and forgiveness.

6. Unforgivable Blackness - The story of Jack Johnson, the heavy weight champion of the world, with themes on racial disparity in the US, media coverage, sports history and the humanity of it all.

7. What's Eating Gilbert Grape - Oh right, so another non-documentary but still a gritty drama so I think it fits with the rest.  I bet you can guess I have a warning coming about me crying . . . 

And now I'm off to find a box of tissues.


  1. It is weird to say it, but I loved Downfall. I thought it was so well done, well acted, and you're right, touching too.

  2. melinda, you are not the only one who cried at "being elmo." i think i was a mess for most of it. it was such an inspirational story and i loved hearing all of these memories of jim henson (i'm a big muppet nerd). everything that's going on with kevin is so sad, and i hate that his time at sesame street is done. just like that. no career should end that way.

    i'm so glad you pointed out this doc!