Friday, December 14, 2012

WEverb - Walk

It started with a hill and a game of chicken trying to hit the walk light and cross the busy Caesar Chavez. Then the sidewalk was quiet except for the children and parents scurrying to the Catholic school, tucking in uniform shirts on the way.  With a left between twin bakeries, I walked past shop keepers sweeping their front walks.  Plaid shirts of hipster and laborer variety passed each other and me. The smells of fresh brewing coffee and sewer stench intermingled in an early morning brew.  The intersection approached and I hastened or slowed my pace to miss the crosswalk signal.  I had made a rule that if the light was red, I could duck into The Jelly Donut for a treat.  The treat always turned into 4 or 5 treats as the owner threw in a handful of glazed donut holes.  A few more blocks and I descended into the earth to wait for the train to carry me to work.


That's a little description of my walk to the BART when I worked downtown.  Several days I planned out a life in the day photograph series of that walk because I was always finding something new - a new store I hand't noticed before, fresh sidewalk graffiti and a range of characters walking too.  Someday I'll follow through, though it won't be a walk to work anymore, it'll just be a walk in the neighborhood.

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