Monday, December 17, 2012

WEverb - Quote, Replicate and Thanks

This response is on Twitter! Not following me yet? I'm @PalindromeHome and the water in the twitter bird bath is just fine :)

Oh, and I didn't feel particularly inspired by a quotation this year, so don't go twittering about how I have false advertising about putting my inspirational quotation on twitter. It's strange for a girl who used to keep a whole book of them, but maybe that was just my early 20s angsty self?

I was really inspired by the Young House Love/Bower Power Pinterest Challenges.  I participated last fall and this past spring because I got swept up in the bandwagon of DIY fun.  My favorite project was a cute terrarium with a darling squirrel friend and succulents.  It lasted a really long time (at least considering that I kill things within a few weeks), but the climate made the succulents grow up and out and I think I eventually overwatered it because it died a slow death of root rot and fruit fly infestation. 

Dear previous house owners who built a sun well garden, thanks for thinking of that! Dear stager and seller's Realtor thanks for adding the flowers and letting us keep them!  Dear Oliver, thanks for always jumping out there when I open the window and reminding me how goods it feels to smell the flowers in the fresh air.  Dear roofer, thanks for fixing the clogged drain out there.  Dear Mr. P, thanks for braving the tall ladder to put in an allergy reducing air filter high above the sun well.  Dear rain clouds, thanks for finally unleashing some life saving sprinkles and growing the flowers.  Dear pruning shears, thanks for helping me to bite the bullet and give the plants the trimming they needed.  Dear mother-in-law, thanks for telling me the name of the hot pink flowering plants in the back. Dear God, thanks for giving me all these little glimpses into the circle of life, tender mercies in the morning and the vine/branches analogies. 

Dear 2013, I'd like to thank you for the time and sunshine I need to bolster the planting shelves, add in an herb garden and completely cat proof it!

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