Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WEverb - Fellowship

Today, I tweeted my response to the fellowship prompt, but I wanted to give some bonus material to my blog friends!

My church community has been really important to me, especially with all the moving we've done. We made some really awesome friends, particularly in our small groups, and we keep up with lots of people from 2 even 3 moves ago.  For those not familiar with church small groups - it's sortof like part book club and part therapeutic group discussion.  For me, it's a safe place to explore my spirituality and share my life with others. While I find it personally therapeutic to talk about what's going on life - the hard things and the good things - I also have found a lot of growth in hearing from others in my group too.  It's the give and take that is so important!

I took a long time for us to settle into a church in San Francisco and I'm really glad we ended up at City Church. There's a lot of exciting things the congregation is doing in the city, but I wanted to recommend the book we most recently completed together.  Leaving Egypt, by Chuck de Groat, is a professional counselor's in-depth research and explanation of the metaphor of the exodus in our lives. The cyclical nature of having to leave a place, wander in the wilderness and then experience the promised land really resonated with me as I reflected on my personal journey the last few years. In many ways, San Francisco has been a wilderness for me and having this language to describe this phase of my life was strangely comforting.


  1. My church community has been a huge support for me in the past few years. So, so glad you've found one here.

  2. I like the sound of this book. I will definitey look for it.