Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WEverb - Experiment

I've been holding out on you. Our big summer trip to New Zealand and Fiji has been sitting in my mind, being written and unwritten.  It's a bit  more complicated than "We went, had an awesome time and here are all the fun pictures."  But saving that long story for another time, there is one very fun thing that I had never done before and don't know if I'll ever do again  . . .  Zorbing!

The gist of Zorbing is that it was invented in NZ, as many outdoor adventure things are, for the sake of hedonism.  The point is fun and joy while being hurled down a hill in a giant bubble. This picture shows how excited we were to be soaking wet at the end of our ride in near freezing temps.  Actually, it shows just how bizarre the whole experience was and when I get around to a proper recap, I promise you a video from inside the zorb with the soundtrack of me screaming the entire way down the hill.


  1. Oh my! I have to get on my WeVerb writing! More NZ, please!

  2. what the what? That looks SO fun. but how did you guys get soaked?

    1. Oh, yeah - I should have clarified the process steps - so we were driven up to the top of a tall hill, climbed into the zorb which was then filled with enough water so that we could slosh around. We were nice and warm in the zorb, but completely soaked when we got out of it at the bottom! It would have been a really good thing to wear a swim suit in, but we saw it on the side of the road and couldn't resist trying (even without swim suits)!

  3. Wow, what a crazy thing to try!


  4. That looks awesome - we totally missed that in New Zealand!

  5. Ever since I saw a video of zorbing a few years ago I've wanted to try! This looks so cool!