Monday, December 10, 2012

WEverb - Enliven, Respond and Triumph

If you're following along on Twitter or Instagram, you'll see I didn't drop off the WEverb bandwagon yet!  The beauty of this year is that there are several short form options when you're crunched for time and it's been awesome seeing how everyone incorporates the prompts from blog to Twitter to Instagram to Facebook! You can look for the #WEverb12 labels to browse all of the responses, or you can follow me specifically @PalindromeHome on Twitter or @PalindromeAtHome on Instagram!

For enliven, I took an Intragram pic of my kindle list.  It was super fun going through Goodreads to see what books I read this past year to include in the shot. I recommend them all!

I used Twitter to respond to the prompts about listening to my conscience and a professional challenge.  It's amazing how deep my association of conscience is with Jiminy Cricket! I couldn't stop thinking about a little cricket in a top hat on my shoulder.  And while I wouldn't go too deeply into professional challenges on my blog, I think acknowledging it and growing from it are exactly the intentions of the whole WEverb exercise.

If you are a WEverb12 participant, have you utilized any of the other prompt response forums? I know I did over the weekend because I tend to spend much less time on my computer and my phone is always with me.

If you aren't a WEverb 12 participant, have you been reflecting on your year along with the prompts? I'm curious of non-writers in the blog community have been using them as thought cues too!

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