Thursday, December 13, 2012

WEverb - Associate and Toss

Once we moved to our new double decker with my  mother-in-law, I was psyched we had a neighborhood blogger!  Bernalwood is my favorite local blog because it's the perfect mix of neighborly news, fun distractions, and caring community.  In a place where neighbors generally don't know each other, Bernal Heights is a little bit tighter and more neighborly, in large part due the community that has been fostered online.  For example, a few houses were damaged in a fire and neighbors rallied around with donations.  Awesome!  Check it out at (and yes, that's Ollie in a recent post, watching over our menorah!)

And if you're looking for yesterday's response, follow me on Twitter! @PalindromeHome  I'm tweeting and instagramming some of my responses this year!

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