Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Bedroom In Progress

The last I left you, I think our bedroom was somewhere along the lines of barely unpacked and bed on the floor.

While we're not done yet, I wanted to show you an in progress picture of how we've been living for the past few months.  I make small changes here and there, like a new pillow  last month or bed skirt change this month and we're sloooooooooowly pulling it together.

You'll recognize the same bedroom furniture from here and here.  The lamps and the blue throw pillows are also from the last set-up in the apartment, while the rug and side chair were previously in the living room. The  new cable knit sweater throw is the Ursula from Ikea.

The blue wall color isn't showing so prominently in these photos, but it's a gorgeous blue and we really love it.  You can see it more clearly here.   I guess it really sunk in about it being robin's egg blue because I succumbed to the bird craze and have touches throughout.  I got the new duvet cover from Pottery Barn on deep discount and love that it incorporates the blue bird, but also adds more color with the lively greens (the Sylvie is no longer available, but the Bird and Fig set is close).

I repurposed the green pillow from Marshalls because it matched the foliage in the print and I picked up this cute finch pillow at TJ Maxx.  I got the new sheet set from Costco in the Sand color because our old sheets from Nautica finally bit the dust after Mr. P had them for nearly 7 years.

We're making due with the rug and chair for now.  I thought the red color tied a little bit to the reddish brown branches and butterflies in the duvet.  However, I definitely want a larger rug in the room and probably more neutral, like a tone on tone print.  We were playing around with the idea of finally reupholstering the Queen Anne chair from Mr. P's great grandparents, but haven't pulled the trigger.  The bed skirt is the linen hemstitch from Bed Bath & Beyond.

I have an immense respect for stylists on bedding shoots now.  Heaven knows I fussed with the duvet, I ironed the bed skirt before putting it on, I fluffed the pillows - and heaven help me but if they all don't look like I crumpled them all in a ball then threw them on the bed.

Of course, Oliver photo bombed a little towards the end.  Can't have a photo shoot without the curious cat!

The things left to do in the room are:

- Switch out rug
- Hang art (some I have already framed!)
- Re-upholster chair
- Switch out lamps (something darker to match chandelier better)
- Get the laundry situation under control!!!!

I get frustrated at times with the slow progress and have to keep reminding myself that we've only been here since April!  It took the full two years to really settle into the Durham house.  The projects and decor are surely different, but the time it takes to take on those challenges is not!

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