Monday, September 17, 2012

The Guest Room Reveal

A few short weeks ago, our extra bedroom was a storage locker and a sad substitute for the darling nursery it used to hold.  With some inspiration and can do attitude, we whipped it into shape for a series of amazing friends and family guests who have come to enjoy the California wine and weather.  Behold, our take on a vineyard B&B inspired guest room.

I wanted the bedding to feel like a treat and look luxurious.  I snagged this ruched bedding from BB&B with a coupon for a fraction of the inspiration PB version. I also hung most of our Italy inspired art in this room to weave the theme through.  The magazine basket in the corner is full of tourist pamphlets from Palindrome approved tours, maps and Sunset magazines.

We had to creatively hide the closet which had long ago lost it's door. A shabby chair from a beloved summer workplace works as a spot to put clothes or glasses and a book for guests.

 The lavender swag is cut and dried from my plant (and it totally reminds me of Mitch and Cam!).  The small prints are a collection of 5 that we inherited from Mr. Palindrome's parents.  They hung in various places in our NC home and I was so happy to bring them back together in this room.

It's not a large room and we feel like we brought all the furniture in that we could.  Ideally, we would have liked to put a small bureau and TV.  With guests from the East Coast, sometimes it would be nice if they felt comfortable in their room in the early evening or early morning as they adjust to the time difference.  Oh well, they can bring their computers and watch from bed!

One of my favorite details, one that I think just makes the room, is the sweet vignette painted on the headboard.  I also love how the little topiary on the night stand mimics the shape of the lone tree in the painting.

I love the wood floors in this room and we were lucky to have the originals in great shape.  The detail around the perimeter is a nice touch and I love the oriental rug we found that isn't matchy matchy, but just very classic and has a found look rather than a curated one.

The night stand is large and I wanted it to look put together while still having room for a phone, book, etc.  The lamp base is ceramic pottery like and the little topiary adds some nice color. The photo album houses my memories from studying abroad. The photograph is from my heritage wall which I haven't found the right place to hang quite yet.

Look cozy enough for a relaxing weekend?  Here's our budget breakdown:

Curtains (TJMaxx) - $15
Curtain Rods (Lowe's) - $17 x2
Headboard (Craigslist) - $50
Side table (Craigslist) - $75
Mattress/box spring/frame - $200
Sheets (TJMaxx) - $25
Bedspread (previously owned) - $0
Ruched Duvet (BB&B with coupon) - $105
Comforter (Macy's - Wedding Present) - $0
Pillows x 4 (TJMaxx) - $40
Shams (TJMaxx) - $13
Bed Skirt (BB&B) - $20
Rug (Craigslist) - $90
Chair (previously owned) - $0
Decorative throw pillows (previously owned) - $0
Throw (previously owned) - $0
Lavender (cut from garden) - $0
Floor Lamp (previously owned) - $0
Magazine basket (Crate & Barrel - Wedding Present) - $0
Art (previously owned) - $0
Lamp (TJMaxx) - $30
Topiary (TJMaxx) - $7
Bee Candle (TJMaxx) - $5
Leaf ring dish (TJMaxx) - $4

Total: $713

*Funny note: I got a ton of stuff at TJMaxx, but it was spread over 3 different TJMaxxs!


  1. It's beautiful! It looks so cozy!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes - but you'll have to book early. It's the best room we have.

  3. Your guest room looks so nice! The bedding looks really inviting.

  4. Oh my god I wish this guest room was MY bedroom. Can you decorate all the things?? I need you in my life.

  5. Love it!! Can you come decorate my guest bedroom, which is in a complete and utter state of disarray and I have house guests coming this weekend!