Thursday, August 9, 2012

There Goes His Modeling Career

As I was taking laundry down, I saw Ollie peeking between stalks of sunflowers - a picturesque moment. Frameable really. Of course, by the time I got my phone out of my pocket and the camera app booted, he was completely obsessed with another part of the deck. I coaxed him back to the flowers, but bugs were wayyyyyy more interesting.
 So I moved the flowers to create more interest, but the only thing he got interested in was going inside. It's something deeply psychological in mammals I think that when the door closes, the only thing you really want is back inside. Did your parents ever tell you, "In or out before I lock you out!"? It's totally a psychological trip to desire the other side of the door.  Even for cats.
 Mama, please. Let me in.
Apparently this diva didn't dig my artistic flower vision and preferred this come hither sprawl. Talk about artistic differences.
For the next photo shoot I might try treats. And reading pet photographer tips. 

Have you had luck posing your pets for photos?

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