Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Boring House Fixes

Plumbing, spray paint scraping and now hole fixing. You know us, Mr. and Mrs. Exciting House Projects.  We've been doing a lot more of the responsible home owner stuff than the fun home owner stuff, but our hope is that it's all out of the way soon!

The previous owners had mounted their flat screen and brought wiring and electric through the closet behind this wall. Thankfully they threw in some money for us to fix it at closing. Because we were dealing with plaster walls, we thought about hiring a handyman with plaster experience to patch it. After reading some online tutorials though, Mr. P was confident he could tackle it.

We headed to Lowe's for a few basic items including wired wall patches and joint compound. I wasn't around when he layered on the first coat, but I was pretty shocked to find hot pink patches when I got home! Of course, it dries white.

After the first application of the compound, we were a little nervous that the wire mesh seemed to be bubbling through.

Thorough drying and another coat took care of the bubbling issue though.

Since the original plaster walls have a texture to them, we also picked up a can of orange peel texture wall spray.  Mr. P did two passes it and figured we could always build it up more if we needed to.

The only thing left was to paint it again.  Thankfully the previous owners left us a ton of quarts for the paints around the house and we just had to pry open the right container.  This is Benjamin Moore's Mocha Brown.

The colors above all take on a different hue as the light in the room changed and as I edited them slightly differently. The finish wall below is probably the best representation of the chocolate hue.

And a tiny bit closer up, you can see the finish isn't quite as clean as we had hoped. We probably could lay on some more orange peel, but after the project spread out over two weekends with the drying time in between, we were done.

Have you successfully used wall patches before? Did you have a trick?

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  1. We haven't used the mesh, but we did have to deal with a bunch of bubbles and needing to spackle them down and such. We had to go back to smooth things out and found that if you put a ton of spackle on and then do a really good job of sanding it smooth, that works okay. Not fabulous, but seems to blend in okay.