Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Knock Knock ...

Who's there?

Wrinkly curtain and spray paint frosting. Like whoa. 

These are the details that I did not notice when I was head over heels and making offers on this place. Now that we're in? I'm over this look like Katie's over Tom.

We've got some great bones with the trim colors, red doors, tiling ad matching doormats. But those privacy solutions . . . they've got to go!

Mr. P's mom has a dog and ideally would love a solution that has an open and closed option so that the dog can see out during the day, but so she can have privacy at night. Also, you can't see this, but her key and locks are worn out. You really have to jiggle just right and her key is very difficult to make working copies of. New locks would make things so much easier!

On our side, privacy is less of an issue because you can only see the stairs up to our place. I can't help but think of graffiti every time I see this. It's one of those things, once you see it, you can't unsee it. We also have some unseen issues - namely some worn out weather stripping that allows the wind to slam the door and nearly shatter the glass.

So here's our plan:
1. Scrape fake frosting from glass door on the left.
2. Find matching solution that allows animals to see out and creepers to not see in.
3. Find and install new matching hardware.
4. Add a few accessories - wreath? topiary?

Besides Target's Smith and Hawken line, do you have favorite outdoor accessory type sources? Or anybody have experience with front doors with glass in them?


  1. In case you still want frosting... for our shower, I used a privacy film that is removable. However, it sounds like nice blinds or maybe stained glass? Probably expensive and not exactly dog friendly. Curious to see how this turns out though.

  2. I like Grandin Road, Home Decorators Collection and Ballard Designs - all have tidbits of cute outdoor things.