Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gone to the Cats

Fixing the hole in the wall was step one of several in our attempts to make it look like we live in the house, rather than just moved in. Another step is going to be incorporating our bay window in to the livable space of the family room.  Right now, it's cat central as modeled by Oliver.

It's a pretty sweet view, but as you can see, the only things enjoying it are Oliver, his cat tree and few feathery mice. A lot of grooming and sunbathing happens in that tree.

Ollie like to survey his kingdom and I like to do cool camera things like catch his sphinx like reflection.

It's got such great bones and it's just not living up to it's potential as a cat playground.

Sooooo . . . I got to looking around online . . . and . . .

Sort of fell in love with the idea of making it into more seating as a focal point in the room. We need some blinds of some sort because the afternoon sun make TV watching impossible (gotta start prepping for Sunday afternoon football marathons!).  And I still want Oliver to feel at home napping there :)

I made a little inspiration board that reflects the inspiration above but ties in more of our colors:

Clockwise from Top L:
Pottery Barn - Kilim Pillow Cover
Pottery Barn - Grain Sack Striped Pillow Cover
Pottery Barn - Mila Suzani Embroidered Pillow Cover
Calico Corners - Mirth Lark Pattern
Calico Corners - Stubb Club Stripe in Khaki/Sand
Pottery Barn - Cozy Cableknit Throw in Neutral
Copper Coconut - Inspiration Roman Shades and Seating
Calico Corners - Wool Velvet in Ivory

We'll see if we can't get the Ollie stamp of approval once we're done!

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  1. omg... that is going to be amazing! What a great view you have! It's going to be a great seating area!