Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How I Watch the Olympics

Step 1: Block out all outside media sources to avoid spoilers.

Step 2: Forget and listen to NPR in the shower, find out who wins the swimming events.

Step 3: Forget again and see who wins the gymnastics events on Twitter.

Step 4: Unintentionally discuss watching the games with a coworker who live streamed fencing during lunch.

Step 5: Get really curious about the swimming times.

Step 6: Ask who else in the office knows what happened and start piecing together the how Jordyn Weber *just missed* the all arounds.

Step 7: Get home and immediately turn on MSNBC which is showing previously taped handball games.

Step 8: Forget to feed the cat when prime time coverage finally hits PDT.

Step 9: Tweet every thought about outfits, times, announcing and general sarcasms all the while seeing the heart thumping results from the last hour of EDT coverage. (@palindromehome #Olympics2012)

Step 10: Can't stop watching the train wrecks even though you know it ends badly.

Step 11: Fall asleep on the couch and not feel like I missed anything because I already knew what happened.

Step 12: Remember to feed the cat.