Tuesday, July 24, 2012


No less than 3 days after buying our new place, we spotted some water bubbling under the paint in the downstairs bathroom. We tracked the problem to a drainage pipe from outside and tried to snake it ourselves.  No dice.  The garage was also showing some large puddles after a big rain.  We investigated that problem and found we had some faulty flashing in a sun well.  $800 poorer, we now owned a property that was draining correctly.  Or so we thought.

One month after move in, I was washing some laundry and my MIL discovered our flooded laundry room a few minutes later.  We sopped up the water with mops and our shop vac looking for the culprit.  The hose wasn't leaking, the front of the washer was dry, the bottom of the utility sink where it drains was dry . . . hmmm.  We tested a few cycles and it didn't happen again, so we thought it was a fluke.

Another month goes by.  The laundry room floods again.  We dissemble the utility sink and try to snake it.  No way.  We call out a plumber.  The picture above is a section of pipe he cut out after his power snake made no forward motion.  No wonder.

$600 down the drain because a hair brained someone poured concrete, sludge, etc. down our utility sink at some point.

I wish I had some lovely makeovers to show you.  I wish I had been antiquing and flea marketing and bargain finding.  I wish homeownship didn't stink sometimes.  Well, blog friends, sometimes it does. With a capital S.  Thankfully, solidarity starts with an S too.  Anyone want to share some home maintenance projects that stole money from your fun decorating fund?


  1. We're dealing with leakage from a drainage pipe for the floors above our condo. (Part of the ceiling fell in, paint all bubbled on both sides of a wall, etc., etc.) It's been HORRIBLE trying to work with the woman upstairs to get things fixed, and I'm totally over condo life and itching to have a home of our own. But sometimes I do manage to remember that a real house would just have that many more things to break.... Sorry about your troubles!!!

  2. UGH! How could someone think pouring that junk down the drain wouldn't end badly!

    So sorry you guys are having to deal with this, and spend money on the not-so-fun things. We've got our own issues we're dealing with related to water, and now finding some damaged sub floor that needs replacing. Thank goodness plywood isn't that expensive, compared to plumber visits!

    Hopefully this is the last of your troubles and you can start saving for more fun things like furniture!

    1. Thanks for sharing Morgan and Tara! It seems like water damage is a common theme here - it sure does cause a big headache!

  3. What a freaking headache! I can't believe someone poured cement down the drain. What an idiot!

  4. Oh I would have just erupted in madness! :( We've been lucky so far... but I just know that our emergency savings fund will be eaten up one day with some bad luck... :(