Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How I Watch the Olympics

Step 1: Block out all outside media sources to avoid spoilers.

Step 2: Forget and listen to NPR in the shower, find out who wins the swimming events.

Step 3: Forget again and see who wins the gymnastics events on Twitter.

Step 4: Unintentionally discuss watching the games with a coworker who live streamed fencing during lunch.

Step 5: Get really curious about the swimming times.

Step 6: Ask who else in the office knows what happened and start piecing together the how Jordyn Weber *just missed* the all arounds.

Step 7: Get home and immediately turn on MSNBC which is showing previously taped handball games.

Step 8: Forget to feed the cat when prime time coverage finally hits PDT.

Step 9: Tweet every thought about outfits, times, announcing and general sarcasms all the while seeing the heart thumping results from the last hour of EDT coverage. (@palindromehome #Olympics2012)

Step 10: Can't stop watching the train wrecks even though you know it ends badly.

Step 11: Fall asleep on the couch and not feel like I missed anything because I already knew what happened.

Step 12: Remember to feed the cat.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Teacher's Pet

Everybody talks about them.  The family that sends out the 5 page holiday update about how little Johnny is on the travelling baseball team, makes straight A's and applied to Harvard while Mary was the queen ballerina, makes straight A's and started a children's relief fund.  If you're the kind that sends them, well this is the dose of honesty you need. Your recipients are most likely rolling their eyes at the bragging.

That's the example most people can relate to, but how about all of the baby updates on Facebook? Your baby walks, talks and chews gum while singing Cee-Lo (the CLEAN version! hehehe)? For pete's sake. I just hid your news feed.  That's the modern day equivalent to rolling your eyes and tossing the holiday update in the kindling pile.

It's a lot of tough talk from today, eh?  And all to say that I finally understand the little smidgen of pride that could potentially lead to a brag. While we were on vacation, we took Oliver to a pet hotel.  He came home with a free at last attitude and a report card.  For reals.  A legit report card.  I was scared.  This wasn't just an audit of his skills and aptitude. It was a reflection of my ability to raise a living thing. After I read it, I was elated, because that piece of paper said my cat was the bomb! He was energetic and friendly. He loved playing and watching the fish display.  He was the staff favorite.  All because of me and my superior cat mothering skills.  I raised an awesome kitten to become a well adjusted cat and this report card was my proof.

See how that thought process went?  You and your bragging about your kids is a drag.  Me and my bragging about my cat is validation of my skills and deserves to be celebrated by all!

I learned an important lesson ruminating about all this. 1. I am an awesome cat mom.  2. Oliver is an awesome cat.  3. The only validation I need is some kitty cuddles.

... and some blog comments. Ha!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Outer Banks Wedding and National Parks

My brother married his beautiful sweetheart in a lovely seaside wedding in Duck last month.  I am so proud of him and pretty ecstatic about adding a sister to our family.  Their photographers were amazing and sent back this adorable video highlight within a few days of the wedding - talk about ridiculously good turn around time!

While we were in the OBX, I took the opportunity to knock out three (3!) national parks, collecting stamps in my National Park Passport.  These photos were from Cape Hatteras and the famous striped lighthouse.

I'm the little ant in the lower left-hand corner. How appropriate was my shirt? Love it. And my favorite part of all was spending an amazing week celebrating with my brother and sister-in-law!