Monday, June 25, 2012

We Broke Out the Power Drill

A friend recently asked me if I was holding out on the blog about house progress.  I only wish.  It seems like the more we move, the longer it has taken to officially settle in.  Another correlation is that our past 3 moves have been to drastically different places (moving two households into one, a major downsizing and then a minor upsizing with a very different layout).

You may remember from this post that our living room wasn't quite put together yet.
Then we moved to a slightly better point.  We had the couch where we wanted it and were slowly moving the furniture around trying to hit the sweet spot.  Originally, we had planned on our second bedroom being an office and either using an air mattress there or putting our pull out couch in it.  However, the room was smaller than we thought and the couch would have taken up half the room leaving a tight squeeze for the desk too.  So we nixed that plan and decided to dedicate it as a guest room.  That mean the desk also needed a new space.

Everyone who has come over has commented about the large closet with glass doors in this room.  The previous owners had a bunch of fancy audio equipment and the glass doors facilitated using the remote for it.  I had stuck our vacuum cleaner in there, but that obviously wasn't going to be the centerpiece for behind the glass doors.  We had a desk needing a home and a closet needing a purpose . . .
After pulling the desk in and sketching out how it might look with a rug and lamp, we decided to live with it for a while before making it permanent.  The desk we have now actually doesn't work with the electrical box that is installed, so we're going to try to find a better solution.  I actually love the lamb skin rug, but I'll have to see if it works with a potential new desk.  We looked at it from different angles, at different times of day and even consulted Ollie about it.  He's a big fan of one more horizontal surface to make his throne.  Then it hit us.  We just didn't like the doors . . .
So Mr. P removed them. We broke out the DeWalt and man, it felt really good to open up the cubby and bring that sq. footage into the room.  The extension of the hardwood floors ties it in nicely and we're convinced with some paint and styling, we can make it a bona fide office nook.  The Asian IKEA screen is just a place holder for something more traditional (there's some storage back there we might eventually build out to look like a built in unit.  We also have some filling and painting to do around the trim work so that it looks like an archway and not like it's missing doors.

Has there been progress? Well, sortof.  We're in a more advanced stage of unsettled.  We're unsettled with a purpose. Tomorrow, I'll be back with a little inspiration board for finishing it out.  The nook may very well be the first settled corner of the house!

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