Thursday, June 21, 2012

Skip to My Loo - the Afters

Every bit of the bathroom has been staged since the afternoon I posted the before pictures, EXCEPT for hanging the art on the walls.  For two weeks, we used that room every day and glanced by the sad art on the floor waiting for it's chance to shine.  Having guests over on the weekend gave us the kick in the seat of pants we needed.  Ta da!

The budget breakdown went something like this:

Light blue rug (owned previously): $0
Light blue towels (wedding gift): $0
Purple towels (Home Goods in Cupertino): $10
Cat toilet brush holder ($5 off coupon at BB&B): $20 
Dark purple trash bin (clearance at Target): $7.95 
Love art (gift from wedding planner!): $0
Light blue glass bottle (thrifted): $1
Lavender candle (Target): $5.95
Wine print (gift for birthday): $0
Wine print frame (Michael's 40%): $15
Cat soap holder (gift from Aunt): $0
Basket under the sink (owned previously): $0
Sconce, toilet and sink (already in house): $0
Mirror (craigslist, IKEA originally): $20
Pink vase (inherited): $0
Potpourri for vase (Home Goods in Cupertino): $10

Total: $89.90

There's still things that I would like to change (threshold doesn't cover the tile but sits beside it, open plumbing under the sink, etc.), but this is what we're going with for the foreseeable future. Besides the obvious kitty stuff, I really love the injection of color.  After complaining about white walls, the blue is such a nice change (even if the plaster has been poorly patched over for the better part of the last century).

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