Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ollie moved too!

Oliver loved perching on the tops of our wingback chairs, but our chairs weren't loving him, especially when his SoftPaws need replacing. Hmmm.

Then one day, I was walking around PetCo like I do with kitty litter under one arm and Fancy feast under the other, when I came across a kitty condo that made me look twice.  This condo looked like a cross between a Tiki Hut and Pottery Barn storage solutions wall, so I put the fancy feast under my chin and struggled my way to the check out line. Our stinker thinks it's pretty nifty.

And in the same vein, we ordered this cutie patootie return address stamp from Save the Date Design.

I know it's a silhouette, and I'm a crazy kitty mama, but I think it really looks like Ollie! He puts his paw up like that when he wants attention.  Thankfully I'm not crazy enough to get Oliver his own address stamp (1 Cat Perch Lane, Purr City, USA), but I am coockoo enough to sign off by saying that Ollie is all meow-ved in.

Over and out.

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