Monday, June 11, 2012

Making the Potty Pretty

First of all, split bathrooms are the bomb-diggety. Is that TMI? Whatevs, it's nice for many reasons and we'll leave it at that.  Since we have separate rooms, it just means that I have one more space to decorate.  Cool.

Let's start with the before pics:
 Nice tile, good light, classic hardware ...
 Cute and practical side sink ...
 Nice light blue wall color ...

Besides a good bleaching (which we immediately did after moving in!), I knew we had some good bones.  I was happy with the hardware and lighting.  The wood blinds are staying.  The mirror was a craigslist find (originally from IKEA) and the waste paper basket was on clearance at Target.  Everything else, we already had.  But yeah, I'm getting a blah, yawn, blah vibe.

When we were at Imagery Winery with my parents, I saw a print and fell in love. It was a perfect birthday gift (thanks Mom and Dad!). The prints are all of their artsy wine labels and besides the amazing colors, I love that it represents something local.  They don't still have the print for sale, but mine is signed and the colors are similar to the inspiration below.  These are the colors I'm looking to incorporate based on the paint that's already there and my new print:

After lots of time in a white rental and some not so subtle critiques from Mr. P, I think I'm diving off the deep end into some color!

Anyone else have a split bathroom? 

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