Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Finds - New Zealand in Color

Mr. P and I make the most of long weekends and family trips, squeezing in lots of good travel.  We haven't been on a week long vacation, just the two of us since our honeymoon though! We needed to remedy that so we started looking around for inspiration.  We wanted to go big while we still have relatively few responsibilities so we looked at Japan, Hong Kong, UAE, Peru, and Ecuador just based on whatever sparked our interest (views, history, language, etc!).  We priced several options and kept coming back to the drawing board.  And then.  And then Mr. P was browsing Bloomspot and we came across a deal.  New Zealand.  AND. Fiji.  Done.

So off we go.  TGIF indeed.
Clockwise from Top L:
Claudine Garcia Things - Asymmetrical Rimu Ink Blot Earrings
Logan Moody - New Zealand Rugby Provinces Giclee Print
Malaysian Jewelry Maker - Kiwi Bird Pendant
Erupt Prints - Ma is White School Rhyme Print

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