Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Finds - Black and White Dining

For the most part, Mr. P and I have similar design sensibilities.  We can walk into a store and both like the same lines, colors, shapes, etc.  Where we tend to stray apart is function vs. form.  Mr. P's engineering mind is always thinking of function. I often think, well that does what it's supposed to (as in it's a chair you can sit in), but I like the fabric, nail head trim, or something on another piece.  It's a bit that way with our dining room.  Currently we have a small scale expanding table with one bench.  We bring in outdoor chairs when we have guests.  Hmmm.  

So I was thinking a big farm table with upholstered linen chairs and perhaps an antique cocktail cabinet.  Mr. P, however, saw an intimate bar area at the Menlo Grill (really excellent, btw) and got hooked on the idea of creating a more lounge feel than a formal dining room.  In trying to strike a balance, I pulled these items together.  I think it hits the comfortable bar atmosphere note, has a high degree of function (hello storage in that hutch!), and with the right amount of candlelight could be warmed up into a really inviting space. The only downside is that the table and chairs are not bar height - something we'd really like to try.  

How do you balance style differences?
Clockwise from Top L:
Crate and Barrel - French Kitchen Table
Crate and Barrel - Lowe Onyx Leather Side Chair

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