Monday, June 18, 2012

Foster Children, BBQ and Baseball

BBQ might be my most recent passion of the three, and advocating for children in the foster system might be the most important, but the combination in one event is something pretty special.  I've been proud to volunteer for the 2nd Annual Bay Area BBQ Championship, an annual fundraiser for Alternative Family Services.  On July 7th, you can taste out of this world BBQ, take in America's pastime and all the while know the proceeds are helping place local foster children with families (the kids also get a pretty cool baseball clinic with the Oakland A's!).

This event touches my heart on a few levels. On the deepest level, it conjures memories of growing up next door to an amazing boy who survived the foster system and was adopted by our neighbors.  Then, I knew him as the neighbor's kid and we would play H-O-R-S-E on the driveway or ride bikes.  Now, I'm aware of the needs, policies and challenges facing the system.  For him and for all of the children right here in our backyard who deserve stability and love - I support this event and the greater work AFS does.

On another level, it reminds me of the love of the game.  Watching Moneyball again recently, I was struck by  Billy Beane's observation that baseball is a romantic sport.  You may not feel that way about baseball, and I don't think I can do it justice by explaining it, but there's something about rooting for your home team, the sound of the ball cracking against the bat, and generations sitting together that makes my heart swell.  It's romantic, I'm romantic, just hand me another slice of apple pie and play "Proud to be an American."

Finally, I love 'cue.  No matter how you spell it - BBQ, barbecue, Bar-B-que - I got bit by the bug when I lived in NC and I just can't get enough.  Unfortunately, San Fran is a bit of a BBQ desert.  In Durham, you could walk into almost any restaurant and count on the pulled pork to be a solid choice.  Here, I stay away.  Far away.  That's why having a Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned championship is a huge deal.  It brings the mouthwatering BBQ right here to Nor Cal.
Photo courtesy of AFS

For the kids, for the love of the game and for a big bite of BBQ, head over to the Coliseum 4th of July weekend.  The event is uber family friendly, there's a beer/bbq pairing tent, you can buy tickets online or onsite, and there's some live entertainment lined up too! Check out the details:

Thanks for reading and your support.  It's because of blogging that I found the volunteer opportunity for this event! Bloggers rule!

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