Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thanks and Cupcakes

The phenomenal staff at our previous apartment started to feel like family to me.  We only lived there about 8 months, but we saw them several times a day and often were helped with an extra smile or mile of service.  I really wanted to thank them before we left and when I saw these amazing cupcakes on Annie's Eats blog, I felt inspired.  

I went the lazy route though.  I bough devil's food cake mix,  a can of Reddi Whip, a can of cherry pie filling and some Maraschino cherries.  The short cuts saved me a ton of time and the results were spectacular.  

Filling the cupcakes was actually fun and really easy.  The ratio of effort to reaction made it all worth it!  I did the cone method that Annie recommends and everyone loved the surprise cherry in the middle.  I want to do this a lot more in the future.  Maybe the Banana Cream Pie flavor next????

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