Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Finds - Casual Summer

I have an outfit similar to this that I'm packing for the beach.  In North Carolina, they have real summer.  I hear they have real summer in other parts of Northern California, but seeing as it's completely impractical to drive 1.5 hours round trip on a weekday whim to prove it to myself, I am instead going to attempt to front load my summer in 10 days. In North Carolina, this isn't even real summer yet, but to my malnourished senses I believe this will be as close as I can get. As you can tell by the sweater and scarf, my mind is telling me that the weather I knew and loved cannot be trusted - I'm a silly San Franciscan now, planning for an unpredictable chill.

Dear East Coast,

Please be hot and humid, just like I remember so that when I sip lemonade, my lips smack with refreshment.  And if you could, please also make toting around a fleece a laughable action.


Clockwise from Top L:
J. Crew - 3" Chino Shorts
Zappos - Sam Edeleman Ginger Sandals in Saddle
Nordstroms - Joie "Marbella" Oversized Linen Sweater
Amazon - Teal Cashmere Pashmina

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  1. have a great trip! Hope it's nice and steamy for you :-)