Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pink Photo Reprise

I'm going to finish sooner or later.  Today I'm backtracking to the October Photo Challenge.

Day 25: Something Pink Mr. P brought home these sweet pink carnations for my birthday.  The vase is an early inheritance from my grandmother.  When we were small, my parents sent us to "summer camp" at my grandparents for two weeks every summer.  I stared longingly at the shelf of beautiful depression glass spanning the colors of the rainbow.  I had my hear set on a green hobnail piece, but in my place as one of the youngest cousins, I had little choice in the matter.  My grandma wrote our names on masking tape to mark the pieces we would one day inherit.  After my grandfather passed, she divvied them up for us to start using now.  My name is still scrawled across the masking tape clinging to the bottom.

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