Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Finds - Exterior Paint Love

We're maybe 50% out of boxes. And I feel like I need a week to lay on the beach and down wine coolers before I could begin to feel like myself again.  Remind me to never move again.
In the absence of a meaty post, I'm going to do a fun combo of Friday Finds and exteriors.  We have a sun drenched side of our house that is miserably peeling and needs a coat of paint.  If we're going to paint it . . . (little wheels turning in my head) . . . maybe we can think about the colors???  Overall, I'm happy with the current colors, a sage green base with white trim and red accents, but there are several on our street with the same base color.  Of the pre-made palettes I found online, one is pretty beige, one is beige plus (the olive khaki) and the other bold blue would be a stretch for me to dare to do, but I would probably love it in the end.


Clockwise from Top L:
Behr - Skipper, Burnished Mahogany and Divine Pleasure
Valspar - Lyndhurst Timber, Lyndhurst Beige, Lyndhurst Jade and Lincoln Cottage Lattice Green
Sherwin Williams - Rookwood Blue Green, Rookwood Terra Cotta and Renwick Rose Beige

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